we made a brand and its family of 'gomos' that each speak to a direct user benefit!

Singtel is Singapore’s largest telco. Its core customer base is made up of mature age groups with higher spending power, but the fight for young Singaporeans in the telco market has been intensifying.

In 2018, not only were there 2 new hip, young and cool telcos that were hot with young Singaporeans, there were also signs that the industry was shifting its focus to a younger audience.

We decided to commit to creating a new brand for greater flexibility in appealing to the younger audience without alienating the higher value customer base.

there is always a role for humour and irreverence in the homogenised world of consumer branding today…



– gets you around


– shares adventures


– hungry for data


– stress-free ux

just ‘get out more often’,
just GOMO.