we made a travel retail brand, to house a portfolio of premium blended whiskies.

The rising ascendancy of single malt whiskies from Scotland, in the minds of the market at least, meant Pernod Ricard needed to reappraise its duty-free retail campaign platform for its range of premium blended whiskies - those of a minimum age of 18 years, and older.

We needed to both set up the respective brands for renewed consideration, whilst also challenging a commoditised travel retail category and the dearth of heavier-handed heavy tones and dark textural cues therein.

By taking a dressed up and aspirational luxury/fashion/accessory category approach, we set the campaign up for cut-through clarity with a modern visual and verbal voice.

how do you design one campaign for three distinctly disparate yet established, famous whisky brands?

we distilled a masterblender’s brand for the brands to fall under – giving them portfolio credibility and appeal

differentiated from incumbent category and travel retail cues, the campaign was highly visible and aspirant.

Uniquely accessorised, each pair of hands talks to the respective target segments’ tastes