we made a distinct tone-of-voice for the world’s most luxurious luxury car maker.

Luxury and quality are not peerless attributes anymore (perceptually), and thus Rolls-Royce decided with us to shift gear from communicating “a desire to produce the Best Car in the World” to providing the best car EXPERIENCE in the world.

To do this, we needed to reappraise the visual and verbal clutter presently in play, and lack of inspired verbal design which was not deserving of teh premium Rolls-Royce badge.

a system designed for portfolio depth:

full credit to a brave client – did you ever think you’d see a Rolls-Royce turned on its side in a piece of advertising design….?

we reaffirmed premium positioning with a higher order voice and wit

from dry, hard sell to aspirational luxury, the old work was devoid of charm…